****Spring Season 2020 will began on March 14th****

To Become Referee


How To Become A Referee



How to Create an Account, Register for a Course and Submit Payment:

  1. Go to https://cnra.gameofficials.net
  2. If you have never been a referee at any level Click on “New User” from the Menu on the left
  3. Select “I have NEVER BEEN registered
  4. Check the Box when you meet the requirements and then Click on “Continue”
  5. Create a New Account and enter ALL New User Information. The user information needs to be the person who will be refereeing, NOT THE PARENTS NAME
  6. Continue with entering User Maintenance fields
  7. Click on “COURSES” from Main Menu
  8. Click on “Referee Courses”
  9. Select the Course “GRADE 8 ENTRY LEVEL REFEREE COURSE” 
  10. Provides information of a listed course. : Course is restricted and requires an Override Code from the Sponsor or Instructor
  11. Select a “Course 29485
  12. Click on “Register For This Course”
  13. Complete USSF Registration fields, Payment fields, and then Confirmation fields
  14. When finished we recommend you print out your Course Confirmation and enter your Class Dates on your Calendar
  15. You will be given a Laws of the Game book at the first class.  Attend each classroom session and prepare to take a test online after the classroom and field sessions

Should you experience any difficulty with creating an account or registering for an Entry Level Referee Course please contact the CNRA Registrar for assistance.

There are no minimum age requirements to become a referee.  However, many local leagues may require a referee to be older than the players that they are officiating.  Parents are advised to assess the maturity level of their child prior to permitting them to take one of the Entry Level Referee Courses.

All Entry Level Courses that end prior to June 29th will be registered for the current year. Students that successfully complete these courses will receive a Referee badge for the current year and can begin refereeing immediately. Referees are required to renew their license annually for the upcoming season.

Referees that complete their Entry Level Referee Course on or after July 1 will be registered for the next year and receive a Referee badge. These new referees will be able to referee the remaining season in addition to also being able to referee the next year before needing to renew their annual license.


Normally in house fee is $75 for course and the cost for uniform kits is ranges from $40 to $90 just remember it may sound like a lot, but you will get the money back once you start refereeing games. 

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